Our Business Style

Our business style, which is shared by both globalRI’s partners and its team, is grounded on the principle that each client is unique and as such, merits distinguished attention, assistance and customized solutions. In our concern to back up this objective with actions rather than just words, we give priority to the principles that guide our professionals, before the development of their skills.

The performance of globalRI’s activities in partnership with its clients consists in another key principle. Furthermore, our daily operations involve the consistent search for skilled outsourced service providers, taking into account the most suitable cost-benefit relation for each situation and assignment, as well as the negotiation and management as regards such suppliers.

Given the ever-increasing number of corporate listings in the Brazilian stock exchange, followed by a consequent fiercer competition towards the investor community, it is crucial for the companies to be able to draw the necessary attention from the market, with a view to attaining both fair assessments and suitable investments. This objective cannot be successfully accomplished by merely going with the flow and repeating the same market practices. In this regard, globalRI focuses on tailor-made solutions, whose developing process begins with the engagement of its team into a comprehensive due diligence, by becoming familiar with the company’s culture, its business segment and competition, alongside its main competitive edges and weaknesses. Thus, the long IR professional experience featured by globalRI’s team ends up consolidating with the specific model adopted by each client.

The process is always conducted by either a senior or a qualified consultant, coupled with the coordination and monitoring carried out by a director.