globalRI operates as an integrated center that provides services and solutions concerning both investor relations and corporate communication matters. It is prepared to provide not only a back-office support for the daily activities and corporate events related to the market, but also highly-qualified advisory, strategic plans, publication of corporate actions, preparation of annual sustainability reports, as well as development of market intelligence.

Such services are always performed by middle or senior professionals, monitored and supervised by a director.

  • Consulting
    and content
    • Planning for IPO and structuring the IR area
    • Compliance with legal obligations
    • Preparation, review and appraisal of earnings releases
    • Preparation of corporate communications
    • Development of presentation content
    • Development of corporate messages
    • Defenses and appeals of official letters
    • Preparation of supplementary materials (fact sheets, brochures, etc.)
    • IR training
  • Operational
    • Coordination of audio conferences
    • Translation
    • Reference forms
    • Distribution of press releases and earnings releases
    • Coordination of meetings and events
    • Coordination of roadshows, visits and conferences
    • Legal publishing
    • Permanent or temporary IR outsourcing
  • Market
    • Post-conference analysis
    • Perception surveys
    • Press relations for the financial sector
    • Communication strategy
    • Development of internal policies
    • Best practice review
    • Daily newsletter and monthly reports
  • IR´s

    • Designing an IR website
    • IR website management
    • IR website review
    • Mailing trigger tool